About Us

We are Mexico property owners ourselves and over the years we have tried almost every Mexico property listing service on the internet.  There are many Mexico real estate and Mexico vacation rental listing services out there.  Some sites charge a substantial annual fee.  Other Mexico vacation, travel, and real estate sites ask for a percentage of any booking fee.  There are also Mexico travel and real estate services that charge a monthly fee.  There are many sites and companies offering owners and managers of Mexico properties the ability to advertise properties.  As users of most of these sites , we have found that no one site offers all of the services we want.  Some come close to providing us what we want but at a very substantial price and often at a minimum of at least a year long commitment.

We created www.Mexicorealestatesearch.com in an effort to combine all of the services and tools we wanted in one place, and at no cost to users.  Our objective is simple. We hope to provide a site that is simple to use and navigate.  We want to help owners and managers of properties in Mexico find buyers and renters and we want to provide searchers of Mexico real estate and Mexico vacaion rentals with the tools that they need to find the right Mexico property.

There are several characteristics of www.mexicorealestatesearch.com that set us apart from the rest.  Most importantly our service is free.  Another big difference is that we provide searchers with the ability to contact Mexico property owners and managers directly.   There are no forms to fill out, no fees to pay and no waiting for emails and inquiries to be relayed to owners.  Seachers can see the listings and call or email the owners directly.

We do not sell real estate and we are not real estate agents.  Simply put, we are an advertising and listing service for Mexico properties.

We hope you will choose to use our free services and join us as we grow.  Mexico is a wonderful place to vacation or retire and we intend to help trvelers and property buyers to accomplish their objectives in Mexico.


Thank you.