Inside Info on Mexico Real Estate

Stretch your advertising budget and be happy

    Everyone loves a cute dog image and a cute little chihuahua in a sombrero should bring a big smile to even the grumpiest person.   Positive images produce a positive reaction and so should a great deal. That is why our advertising services are absolutely free.  Our objective is to make you smile […]

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Aztec and the City of Tenochtitlan – a Brief History

With the Aztecs, archaeology merges fully with history. The picture and rebus writing of the Aztec manuscripts and the accounts of Bernal Diaz del Castillo and Bernardino Sahagun are sources as important as the monuments of Tenochtitlan which lie beneath the streets of modern Mexico City. Source: Aztec and the City of Tenochtitlan – a […]

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Exploring 6 stunning beaches of Mexico: Riviera Maya and the Caribbean Sea

The Mexican Riviera is an extension of the beautiful coast of Mexico that goes from Puerto Morelos and Punta Allen, this area is a unique summary of what we can call a heaven on earth. This region is vast and full of jungle, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Certainly, if you are going […]

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Mexico travel real estate vacation

Mexico travel, Mexico real estate, crossing the border, and the red light green light device

Mexico travel and using the Red light / Green light device When crossing the border for Mexico travel on foot, one will encounter the red light green light apparatus. When you see this machine, walk confidently to it and press the button. There are two large colored lights. One green and one red. Green is […]

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Building In Mexico With Metal

BUILD IN MEXICO WITH METAL     Building owners, designers, architects, and general contractors are choosing metal over other materials in commercial and residential construction projects for its energy efficiency, low maintenance, strength and low cost.   There are many other reasons to use metal for both new projects and upgrades. Metal has become the […]

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How To Buy Property In Mexico

How To Buy Property in Mexico   By www.mexicorealestatesearch.com   Due to its beautiful scenery, great weather, friendly people, fantastic food and rich history, Mexico has become one of the smartest places in the world to buy property. Mexico is becoming the most favorable location for retirees and others not from Mexico who choose to […]

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Welcome to Mexico Real Estate Search

We are very excited to announce that Mexico real estate search will be going public very soon. We are offering listing services for properties located in the country of Mexico. If you own a home in Mexico that you wish to sell or if you own or manage a vacation rental we want to know […]

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