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Mexico travel, Mexico real estate, crossing the border, and the red light green light device

Mexico travel and using the Red light / Green light device

When crossing the border for Mexico travel on foot, one will encounter the red light green light apparatus. When you see this machine, walk confidently to it and press the button. There are two large colored lights. One green and one red. Green is good, keep walking. Red means you will be momentarily detained. Normally identification is shown and the traveler continues on his or her way into Mexico. It will flash green for Ninety-Nine out of a hundred people. That is not to say, however, that one might not be singled out even with a green light.
The idea of the red light green light machine is that for positive Mexico travel experiences you must be confident as you approach it and handle the situation and then move on with your head held high. If you are observed by the Mexican officials to be acting nervously or strangely, this very well might result in you being that one and 100 that does get stopped and questioned and or searched.
The best course of action is to be prepared and knowledgeable about Mexico travel policies, and of course to follow all rules and laws in both countries. Make sure you have your paperwork and even extra copies can never hurt.
Be prepared, be aware and be confident. Get the green light to enjoy your time in Mexico.

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